Workout 2: Bulgarian Split Squat

Bulgarian Split Squat

Alright, welcome back to day 2 of my month long series of convenient workouts. Today, we are hitting legs again with one of my favorite moves – the Bulgarian Split Squat.

When I first tried these I literally had no leg muscle and I had to switch from using dumbbells to air squats, so if you are also newer to the workout game don’t feel bad or get down on yourself if you have to work your way up to holding weights.

What I love about the Bulgarian Split Squat is the range of motion this squat gives you. Since one foot is elevated the whole time, you are able to sink deeper into your squats, which enacts your glutes. These also hit your quads and your hamstrings.

For beginners – try doing 4 sets of 15-20 and for my advanced meat heads, grab ahold of some heavy dumbbells and squat out 5 sets of 8-10.

A few key notes here:

– Keep your core tight and your back straight. There should be a natural curve in your back but you should never be leaning forward or backward

– Your back leg is your stabilizing leg. To really feel this in your glutes, pretend like you are going to sit back in a chair and put the emphasis on either your right or left side depending upon what leg you are pushing off with

– Lastly, push though your heel. If you are pushing through your toes that is going to enact your quad muscles more than your glutes

Click on the video below for a full tutorial!

[wpvideo 6l92GrhX]