Workout 3: Stability Ball Hamstring Curl with Bridge

 Today we are focusing on our stabilizing muscles as well as the glutes/hamstrings. I want to introduce you to the stability ball hamstring curl with a bridge. This move will help with definition, tone, and overall shape.

What I love most about this move is you don’t need a lot of equipment (meaning you can do this at home), and it gives a really good burn in your legs. I often like to do these after my full leg routine as a way to finish out the day.

For those advanced lifters, don’t be fooled here – this is challenging! Like I said we are working on our stability since you have to balance yourself on the ball while performing a hamstring curl and bridge. If you feel like those areas are pretty well developed on your body, try to challenge yourself with more reps (ex: 20 reps instead of 10-12). 

To perform this move you will need a stability ball and a matt. To begin, lie on your back with your calves resting on the ball, hands will be positioned flat on the floor to help with balance. Slowly roll the ball into your seat and once you have performed the curl you will push off with the middle of your foot to your heel into a bridge (basically you are thrusting your pelvis in the air). Slowly lower your seat back to the ground and push out the ball. Repeat for the desired about of sets and reps.

A few key notes:

– You will need to keep your abdominals tight here. Remember, we are doing a stability move which involves balance

– This is almost 2 motions, a curl and then a bridge. Don’t hop right into the bridge otherwise you lose out on working your hamstrings.

Click on the tutorial below!

[wpvideo Txl3TKbc]