My Fit Bump Program

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All about the program

My Fit Bump gives women the knowledge and tools to workout safely during pregnancy. Whether you’re an exercise junkie or a total newbie – this program will help guide you through a fit pregnancy.

My Fit Bump is a 30-week fitness program developed for pre- and postnatal women. Designed by two moms with extensive fitness backgrounds and certifications in yoga and resistance training – this program is tailored towards your changing body.

During this 30-week time period, you will have access to over 40 workouts that are broken down into 6 modules that support different stages of pregnancy. Each module consists of 4 strength training workouts and 3 yoga sessions to give you flexibility over your fitness routine each week.

My Fit Bump workouts are designed to take between 20-30 minutes and are easily accessible on your computer, smart phone, or tablet. The resistance training workouts include videos for each movement  while the yoga sessions are 20-minute fully guided videos so you can feel confident and safe while training.

Pick the Right Program for You

The unlimited one-year plan is geared towards women who are in the first or early second trimester and plan to workout through pregnancy and beyond.

The month-to-month subscription is perfect for women who are jumping in the second half of pregnancy.



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$10.00 / month


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