I’m Going to Miami


Cue Will Smith – I’m heading to Miami for Nationals.

Yep – I’m saying it out loud – speaking my plans into existence knowing that they will only come back to me however things are supposed to work out for my life plan.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous or anxious or had doubts. I’ve tried to back out about 5 times in the last week alone. Thank goodness for my coach, Staci Boyer, or I might be feasting on a cheesecake and large pizza. See that’s the thing of speaking your goals out loud, if you’ve picked your support group carefully, they will not let you give up easily.

So here’s to 51 more nights of sleep, 51 more days of pounding the pavement, throwing some weights around, eating to my goals, pushing forward ferociously, and taking the next step towards the uncomfortable.

– Heather