Weekly Grocery Shopping Trip

Healthy Grocery Shopping List

For the last 3 years, I have grocery shopped and meal prepped for my entire week ahead. This organization is not just for bodybuilders and athletes – it is for everyone! Not only does it save you money by planning ahead, you will also save so much time not having to cook constantly during the week. Just heat up what you have already made and go! Plus, this is the easiest way to stay on track with any of your nutrition goals because you know exactly what is going into your body!

I get asked quite often how I eat, what I buy, what recipes I make. I am going to share them all with you starting this week! I usually shop at Whole Foods so if your local store doesn’t have one of the items you can always pick a substitute or email me for suggestions. Before I head to the grocery store and even before I write my shopping list for the week, I think about what meals I want to eat. I’ll pick a breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and dessert normally. After I write down the meals that I want to try for the week, I then look up any necessary recipes and write down everything that I don’t already have on hand. That is how I make my list. It takes barely any time and there’s no wasted time wandering around the store.

Easy Grocery Shopping

Above you can see what I picked up this week. Most of the items are whole and unprocessed (just because that is the type of food I crave and the type of food that I want to fuel my body with).

My Weekly Meals

For breakfast this week, I scrambled up some egg whites with Amylu’s Breakfast Chicken Sausage and a side of Old Fashioned Oats (which I make in the microwave). I will sweeten my oatmeal just a little with stevia drops.Quick Oatmeal and eggs

For lunch, I whipped up some healthy zucchini chicken spaghetti. I replaced pasta with spaghetti squash and topped the batch with some zucchini slices for some extra weekly greens. I always prep my spaghetti squash in a crockpot beforehand and store it in the refrigerator so I don’t have to wait around for it to cook multiple times during the week. All you have to do is just plop it in, put a cup of water in the pot, and cook on high for 4 hours. I oven bake between 1-2 pounds of chicken tenders (depending if my husband will be in town or not) and cover it with a low sugar pasta sauce. How to cook spaghetti squash

By dinner time, I have already worked out and I am usually starving. This week I was craving Mexican food, so I made a healthy taco bowl. Just brown some ground turkey beforehand, spice it up with some of your favorite Mexican seasonings, and top over brown rice. Add any toppings you choose! I like to include sliced avocado, greek yogurt for the sour cream, and salsa. Easy to make taco bowl

So, those cover the bulk of my meals. I’ll usually blend up a frozen strawberry protein shake post workout, potentially have a snack (this week I alternated between rice cakes and almond butter and pretzels and deli ham). I’m also a huge lover of dessert and I try to incorporate some healthy alternatives so I don’t fall of the wagon and eat a box of cookies. My newest addiction is Halo Top ice cream (found at Whole Foods). It’s 260 calories for the WHOLE pint. I’ll usually eat about a cup, top with some sliced bananas and some melted almond butter.

For more information on my weekly shopping trip and meal planning, watch this video!


That is it for this week! I will soon be setting up a recipe subscription for my blog. If you want recipes like these and more, don’t forget to subscribe in the header!