Weekly Grocery Shopping Trip

Healthy Grocery Shopping ideas

Hooray for week 2 of meal ideas and a detailed grocery list. Since I planned ahead this week and prepared my grocery list before I left home, my shopping trip only took me 30 minutes! Honestly, being prepared is key to picking the right food and staying on track.

Bikini Competitor Grocery List

If you keep up with my blog, you’ll quickly notice that I use a lot of the same ingredients to make a variety of meals. At this point, I have figured out which foods work well with my body and which ones don’t. I also try to pick up something new each week to try out because I love variety. This week, I tried a new pumpkin pasta sauce (watch the video below for more details), and a new seasoning blend made with tzatziki and dill. I mixed the blend with some greek yogurt to make my very own creamy Greek tzatziki sauce – it was delicious!

Some of the meals I made this week:

Breakfast: Usually the same – 1/2 cup egg whites, 1 breakfast chicken sausage, 1/2 cup old fashioned oats mixed with PB2.

Snacks this week consisted of tuna cakes (verdict is still out – I want to tweak a few things before posting), rice cakes topped with almond butter and bananas and pretzel crisps, ham and almonds. All were super easy and quick to make, and filling!

Quick snack ideas

For lunch, I made a chicken gyro. I baked the chicken with some lemon juice, oregano, greek  yogurt and cracked pepper and topped it on a spelt tortilla with red onions, tomato, and my find of the week – homemade tzatziki sauce! Seriously – one of the best wraps I’ve ever made.

Healthy chicken gyro

For Dinner, I switched between two easy meals this week. I used my crockpot to cook some spaghetti squash and topped that with some steamed shrimp and pumpkin pasta sauce (pictures didn’t do it justice so that’s why this dish isn’t shown). I also purchased a delicious raw turkey burger from my local Whole Foods butcher and grilled those up. I topped them on arugula with some red wine vinegar and a side of sliced sweet potatoes – DELICIOUS!

Whole Foods Turkey Burger

I usually always have dessert too – this week I switched between Halo vanilla ice cream and cottage cheese with bananas!

All of this cooking took less than 2 hours (minus the crockpot) and I still have food to take me into the weekend! Eating healthy and nutritious food can be super easy if you plan ahead.

Tip: If you are craving something like pizza or burgers, figure out a healthy way to make it! That way, you are still eating the food you want and fueling your body properly.

You can check out all my grocery finds below in this week’s shopping video.