A Unique Gift Idea for New Moms + GIVEAWAY

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Today I am bringing you a super unique gift idea for a new mom + a free giveaway! Feel free to skip to the bottom for all the juicy deets if you aren’t up for reading today.

Being a mama bear completely changes your life. Luxuries like long showers whenever you want, shopping excursions at the mall, afternoon naps, and tipping back a bottle of wine become a distant memory. Especially if you are a nursing mom – there are only short stretches of time between feedings and you have to quickly learn to juggle what’s important for THAT day.

On the other hand, all of those little luxuries become less and less relevant. I cannot count the amount of times I’ve stood over my sons bassinet anxiously waiting for him to wake up so I can get baby snuggles. I cherish the moments where nothing is going on so that I can lay on the floor and sing songs to my 5 month old. Catching up with friends turns into babbling about mommy hood (sorry girlfriends… I’m working on this)!

Your whole existence pretty much becomes about the baby. If I’m lucky – I get to carve out some time every day to workout, throw on a decent outfit, and do a little blogging. Otherwise, my day is consumed with Lincoln. Friends, parents, even grand parents become obsessed. I cannot tell you the last time my Nana sent me a card – but Lincoln sure does get one for every milestone and holiday 🙂

And that’s fine! I want to cherish every moment of being a new mom – but sometimes it’s also nice to get a little recognition. Growing up I always thought it was weird to get presents on your birthday. Shouldn’t that be a day your parents get gifts!? After all, they are the ones who brought you into the world! Well now there is a company that is totally going above and beyond to honor new moms.

I had the pleasure to connect with Stephanie from Rose + Candy in one of my blogging and business Facebook groups. As a mom herself, Stephanie and her friend/business partner Tanya recognized a hole in the marketplace to recognize new moms. Their concept is to pay attention to new mothers as women – not just as mothers.

Their company puts together “mom boxes” – filled with 24 items that have nothing to do with a baby and everything to do with being a woman. They sent me a box to try out and it couldn’t have come at a better time as I am fighting a cold. My box was filled to the brim with lip gloss, a mama bear t-shirt (featured in picture above), scarf, bra, hair pin, chocolates, earrings, a necklace, hair ties and much much more.

Talk about a HUGE treat for this mama! This would be the perfect gift for your bestie, co-worker, sister, or daughter. Give her like a week to get comfortable with the new baby, then head over to her house with a hot meal, hold the baby and let her shower, and give her this perfect little box as a gift. Your kindness will go very far!

Gift idea for momgift for new momUnique gifts for first time momfunny unique gift for momI totally recommend this box! It’s $60 for 24 unique items. You might think – well I can put this box together myself…. eh probably not. I did the math – each item comes out to $2.50. I don’t know how the girls at Rose + Candy did it but its a really good deal. Also, both ladies are veterans (they met in Iraq) – so there’s an extra bonus to support our vets and small business.

We’re also holding a GIVEAWAY for a FREE box! 

When you buy a box from Rose + Candy you will automatically be entered into a raffle for another FREE box to gift to another new mama in your life or heck, keep it for yourself! When you checkout on their website there will be a delivery instruction box. Just make sure you put down that you heard from Dumbbell Blonde and you’ll be automatically entered. The giveaway goes until the end of February 2017.

Alright that’s it! Check out my full review of the box below and let me know if you plan to get one for yourself! Little Lincoln also makes a quick cameo in the video 🙂

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I received this box from Rose + Candy in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.