Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for the Fit Girl

Valentine's Day card for fitness lover

Hey babes! V-day is right around the corner so let’s get you hooked up with some awesome gifts you’ll love! I’ve put together 7 totally awesome gift ideas for your inner fitness diva. Give your hunnie a little elbow nudge to this blog post so you can reap all of the benefits OR be your own valentine and splurge on a few of these ideas for yourself.

1. ClassPass

Class Pass Fitness Gift

Photo Credit ClassPass

ClassPass is perfect for the busy girl on the go who loves to get her sweat on no matter her location. It’s basically the Uber of Fitness. You pay a monthly fee and you get to workout at any ClassPass affiliate studio around the world (there’s over 39 cities)!!! Say I live in Chicago but I will be in LA for a week – no big deal. I would pull out my iPhone, check which classes are offered at different studios and schedule a sweat session. Easy peasy! Membership prices range depending upon where you live (ex: Chicago membership ranges between $40 – $115 depending upon the monthly package you choose) but you can also shower your fit girl with a ClassPass gift card for Valentine’s Day.

2. Trunk Club

Trunk Club valentines day gift

Photo Credit Trunk Club

Trunk Club is known for its perfectly put together outfits for men and women – but did you know that they also do fitness outfits? Yep – I just ordered a whole box of awesome leggings, tops, and sneakers from my stylist Tom. It was filled with a variety of brands like Nike, Zella, and Free People. If you haven’t used Trunk Club before, basically you fill out an online profile with your sizing and wardrobe needs. A stylist will get in touch with you and put together a trunk (box) of handpicked pieces of clothing. They ship the box to your house and you keep what you want and return what you don’t want. It’s really the perfect gift idea because you can give the gift of fashion without worrying whether your gal pal will like your choices. You can have a trunk shipped to her house for Valentine’s Day or gift her with a gift certificate. Really you cannot go wrong with this idea.

3. Fitness Retreat

destination fitness retreat valentines day

Photo Courtesy Bikini Bootcamp

Mark my words, in the next year or two fitness retreats are going to be all the rage. I’ve seen a lot of new companies popping up inviting friends to vacation together in a healthy way. There’s a whole variety of companies like Trip Tribe where you can plan and lead your own fitness retreat. Then there are companies like Bikini Bootcamp where everything is planned for you.

Bikini Bootcamp is the ultimate vacation with a purpose that will send you home looking and feeling better than when you arrived. Think of it as a complete mind body spirit tune up at an amazing beachfront location. I think you would get HUGE brownie points (or should I say kale points?!) gifting your sweetie with this trip – OR – grab a bunch of girlfriends and gift yourself! Trips range from $1875 – $3950 depending upon the package you choose.

4. Workout Bag

Louis Vuitton gym bag for fitness

Photo Credit Louis Vuitton

A Louis Vuitton gym bag? Yes please! Okay this bag can totally be multifunctional and used as a weekender bag OR a gym bag. I personally love the Neo Eole 55 in Damier Graphite Canvas. If you’re really into luxury fashion this would be an awesome gift to give or receive. If the bag is a little out of your price range or personal style, check out this Kate Spade bag or this Adidas Duffle Bag. Bonus: Stock it with a pair of workout leggings and a cute top!

5. Music Subscription

Spotify year music subscription gift card

Photo Credit Spotify

Give the fit of music this Valentine’s Day! There’s all sorts of music subscription ideas – I personally use Spotify and pay the monthly upgrade charge to have music at my fingertips. You can download your favorite songs and FULL CD’s while also creating playlists. The music is also available offline if you download the tracks beforehand. Super convenient with a HUGE music library. A year subscription gift card will cost you $119.88. They also have one, three, and six month gift card options, too.

6. Wearable Technology

Under Armour recovery sleepwear technology gift

Photo Credit Under Armour

Wearable technology continues to be all the rage this year. Instead of just wearing trackable devices, companies are expanding their offering and moving into pieces like shoes and clothing, too. Under Armour teamed up with Tom Brady to create this recovery sleepwear. Basically it is supposed to help repair your body while you sleep using Far Infared technology. There’s a special print on the inside of the fabric that helps with the whole process. The top and bottom are $99 each so it’s definitely not cheap for sleepwear but it is a neat little gift!

7. Supplement Bundle

1st Phorm Starter pack gift

Photo Credit 1st Phorm


Rounding out this Valentine’s Day gift guide is a supplement starter pack by 1st Phorm. I recently became a 1st Phorm legionnaire (part of their affiliate program) based solely on the fact that they have high performing protein that tastes GREAT. Besides their protein line, they have plenty of other supplements and vitamins to help your fit girl get the most out of her workouts. This basic training starter pack is everything she will need in terms of pre and post-workout nutrition. I personally LOVE the chocolate mint cookie for the Phormula-1 recovery shake (post workout) and the caramel latte Level-1 shake (meal replacement). Let me know if you have questions regarding supplements! I’d love to help you out in that department.

Alright guys that’s it! I hope this gift guide comes in use especially for any last minute gift ideas. Feel free to contact me for any other ideas you might have for your love bug – I’d be more than happy to give my input!

Also – don’t forget to get a cute card. The one at the top of this post is from Etsy. You can get $5 off your $25+ order by using the code: PSD29H.

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