Fashionably Fit

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Between working out and working constantly, I swear I must have 2 wardrobes. One for the inner tomboy in me that loves to run, sweat, and lift. The other, for a 28-year-old girl who loves fun makeup and cute clothes. I am by no means a fashion expert in terms of women’s clothing, but just like the reason I started this blog, I hope to inspire and give ideas for those who might be living in a similar whirlwind. 

Since I have broader shoulders and more of a narrow waist, tighter tops have always been my go-to. Paired with slim jeans and a staple brown boot, it’s easy to switch out tops and jewelry for a constant rotation. When I wear my hair up in my “lazy” bun, I make sure to do up my makeup a little more so I don’t look like I just rolled out of the gym (although in reality these pictures were taken 10 minutes apart to accommodate my schedule) 🙂

My workout top I actually got from The Loft to wear for my Monster Dash 5K – but it has already found its way into my rotation and was the perfect piece to throw on this morning as Chicago starts to cool off into Fall temps. Tom Boy vs. Work Girl…. it’s hard to choose but it’s fun to do it in style.

Until next time!