Workout 4: Lunges

We’re stepping into the weekend with some more booty work! The “lunge” is sure to fire up your quads and glutes and can be done in a number of ways. For the sake of getting the main move down, I’m posting just about the step lunge, but if you want to challenge yourself or get creative, you can incorporate a side lunge, barbell lunge, walking lunge, stationary split lunge – and the list goes on and on.

Some key notes:

– Begin with your feet together and step forward with either your right or left leg

– Keep your abdominals tight and your head/neck forward

– Your front leg should form a nice 90 degree angle. If you step too far forward you run the risk of injuring your knee. Your back leg (or the kneeling leg) should never touch the ground, but come pretty close

– Push back into the standing position with the weight on your heel and repeat for desired number of reps (I recommend 12-15). Repeat on your other leg

Click on the video for a full tutorial (and a peak at my puppies)!

 [wpvideo 7ELh4UPv]

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