Wedding Workout

Wedding season is in full swing and whether you’re walking down the aisle or attending your bestie’s wedding there’s no getting around the fact that your picture will be plastered all over social media. Not exactly fitting into your clothes? Don’t fret! I’m here to help you feel confident for the big day so you’re less worried about slipping into a dress and more worried about what you’ll be sipping on for the evening.

1. Set a realistic goal!

There’s a reason I put this first! Without a goal you’ll be pushing off your workout plans until tomorrow. Don’t set yourself up for failure by wanting to lose 5 dress sizes in 2 weeks. Instead, set a goal that is realistic for the amount of time you have to prepare!

2. Focus on your upper body!

Since most dresses showcase your arms, back, and shoulders – you’ll want to give those areas a little extra attention. Try doing the 3 circuits below each week to gain some extra muscle.

3. Add in Cardio!

In addition to the 3 circuits I’ve created below, try adding in some extra cardio to condition your heart and melt away fat. The 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, recommends performing 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise per week (walking, riding your bike, pushing a lawn mower) OR 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic exercise per week (you shouldn’t be able to say more than a few words without taking a breath – running, swimming, basketball, tennis).

4. Drink plenty of water

There are so many benefits to drinking water (hello gorgeous skin), but one of my favorite reasons for drinking water is the anti-bloat effect. I know it sounds counter productive while trying to get a flat belly, but the more we drink the more our body will release fluids -which potentially leads to less bloating.

5. Get plenty of sleep

Make sure to TiVo your favorite late night show and cuddle up in your sheets, instead. Sleep not only allows your body to rest, recover, and regrow while working out, it also plays a huge role in your metabolic health! A lack of sleep can cause unwanted weight gain, obesity and type 2 diabetes.

6. Don’t starve yourself!

By eating a super low-calorie diet you’re compromising the overall well-being of your body. Dieters who follow a long-term low 1,200 calorie diet (or lower) experience psychological stress AND high cortisol levels. So what’s the big deal? Cortisol is a pesky but necessary hormone that regulates our bodies. It peaks usually in the morning and drops through out the day. If it’s constantly at a high point, negative effects like impaired thyroid function, decreased muscle mass, and increased belly fat can occur – so not sexy. Instead, focus on nurturing your body with well-balanced meals (yes, it’s ok to eat carbs too…)

7. Get cooking!

You don’t have to be Giada De Laurentiis to prepare some food. If you are constantly eating out it will be so much harder to hit your weight loss goals. Portion sizes become harder and you’re a lot more likely to opt-in for that second glass of wine. Instead, visit my recipe section and try preparing some tasty meals. Pick one or two days a week to prep for the week ahead so you have no excuse to slip up. Write out what meals you want to eat for the week and write your grocery list BEFORE you head to the store.

8. Eat WHOLE foods!

Believe me, I love ice cream just as much as a 5-year-old. While there is so much debate about what types of foods you should eat when you’re trying to cut some weight – if you have a shorter time crunch to hit your goals you should throw your favorite cookies in the trash. It is true, you likely could eat only Pop Tarts and burgers and still lose weight. How? It’s all about energy expenditure (calories in vs. calories out). BUT… let me stop with that thought right there and explain the hurdles you may face by stuffing your face with some classic offenders.

1. You’ll eat a lot less and be a lot more hungry. Let’s look at Pop Tarts. For one little “tart” (2 come in a package), you’re looking at about 200 calories – but let’s be real you aren’t only going to eat ONE of them, so you’re really looking at 400 calories to hold you over until lunch. A 1/2 cup of old-fashioned oats with 1/2 cup of egg whites are only about 225 calories. That brings me to my next point – 2. You won’t necessarily have to count calories if you’re not eating crap. If you are someone who constantly thinks of food and are constantly hungry, you can eat a heck of a lot of unprocessed food and still lose weight. Lastly – 3. On a micronutrients level you could be opting for more sugar and passing up on a lot of health benefits. Obviously not all boxed and canned food are unhealthy but choosing veggies straight from the earth will help you hit your fiber and vitamin content for the day (without having to take a butt load of pills). Take a look at the list below for some ideas of how to include some more foods and cut out the crap. Whole food list guide

9. Use substitutions!

Nothing can add up the calories quicker than adding on the “extras”. Try using some classic substitutions like greek yogurt for sour cream and mayo, coconut oil for vegetable oil, red wine vinegar and balsamic vinegar for vinaigrettes, mustard, lemon juice, and seasoning. If you must – just order your dressings on the side.

10. Skip the alcohol

In the words of my bodybuilding coach, if you want to look good naked don’t drink beer. Obviously consumption in moderation is fine but if you’re not losing weight or hitting any of your goals – your favorite nightly beer or glass of wine should be the first to go.

30 minute circuit

HIIT Upper Body Circuit
Wedding WorkoutGive these tips a try – if all else fails, just pull out your favorite undergarment shapers and dance the night away!