Transformation Tuesday


If you put in the work – you will be amazed with the results. I started working out on a more regular basis last spring, incorporating spin and hot yoga into the mix.  In the Summer of 2012, I kicked it up a notch by incorporating weights into my routine about once or twice a week. Being a super hyper person, I decided I needed a challenge and wanted to push myself past the limits of “I look just fine”. I set my goals in December 2012 and hired on a good friend, who is a personal trainer, to help me down my path of adding muscle and losing body fat.

This journey took from the middle of January to the middle of May. My starting stats were 18.71% body fat and ended at 13.59%, I also gained lean muscle along the way. I was in the gym 6 days a week, sometimes 7, and often twice a day!

So how do you implement this in your routine? Set a goal, stick to it, give yourself check ins along the way – and don’t give up. I’ll get into food, etc. at a later time (believe me – I ate a LOT). Until then – get to it!Heather Stammen bodybuilding



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  • Josh Rhyne

    You’re looking pretty good for a 20 year old! 😉ReplyCancel