Tickled Pink + 37 Week Pregnancy Update

Pink Pregnancy Dress

I know the title of this post is “Tickled Pink” but it should say “Tickled Blue”. Why? Because my baby boy is going to be making his grand debut in just a few short weeks. I am currently 37 weeks pregnant today. Woo hoo!

There are some days when I think back to our IVF journey and can vividly remember giving myself shots and praying for a miracle. Then, there are other days like today, when it feels like I’ve been preggers for years. Okay, years is an exaggeration, but seriously could I have picked a hotter summer to be carrying a child?

How I’m Feeling Mentally

Overall, I am feeling great! I still have a lot of energy and have only taken a handful of naps. My baby bag is all packed (I’ll share it in another post) and the nursery is ready to go. I am definitely in nesting mode, too. I’ve been doing little cleaning projects every day and have to stop myself from going overboard. For example, I thought it would be a great idea to plant a million flowers in my yard this week. Thankfully, I gave up the idea on my drive over to the flower nursery.

How My Body Feels

My belly is getting bigger by the day. I had a friend ask me this week if I have any stretch marks and so far the answer is no. I know that those puppies could pop up at any moment, especially as the weeks continue. I am trying to keep a very positive mindset when it comes to my body. Coming from doing bodybuilding shows with ripped muscles, I am happy that I’ve been able to keep everything into perspective. Plus, I’ve met so many amazing healthy and fit moms that I know everything will eventually look just fine again. I will say that my low back has been giving me some troubles and I finally got a massage last week. I am going to try and get one more before baby comes.

What My Doctor Is Saying

I am at the point in my pregnancy where I am having weekly checkups. This week, my doctor said that baby looks great! He is heads down with a healthy heart rate. My doctor did mention that he is sitting super low and asked me if I was having pains. I told her I’ve been cramping on and off for the last two weeks and she said, “Good!” Haha – I’m not sure I agree with her on the good part but I know it is all part of baby making his way into the world.

What’s Next? 

My husband travels for work and this was his last week of doing any overnights! Hooray! I am so excited to spend the next couple of weeks with him at home and to see the look on his face when we meet our baby boy.

I’ll try to keep updating as things progress but in the meantime, can we swoon over this gorgeous maternity dress? It’s from Asos – my go-to maternity fashion for all of my pregnancy. It’s still available online, too!  I paired it with a big floppy hat to keep the sun off my face. The hat is from Express like a million years ago but here is one that is similar from Norstrom.

Pink Maternity Dress with HatAsos Pink maternity dressCamel Floppy Wool Hat and Pink DressThird Trimester Pregnancy Dress

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Pink Pregnancy Dress by Asos