Summer Goals, Sun and Fun!


photo-6-2Well, I have finally found paradise. Vegas baby – VEGAS!

I know, I know… you’re likely thinking, clubs, booze, and pool parties, that’s only sustainable for a few days. Actually, I haven’t done ANY of that over the last 2 days! I’m in this hot city for some business opportunities and since I’ve been here what I’ve come to realize is how active this city is.

Beyond the bright lights and glamorous hotels – off the strip, is a community of fit residents and more gyms and healthy quick eateries than I have ever laid my eyes on! The backdrop of mountains and trails are intoxicating with the promise of a day of thrill.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a Chicago girl at heart – but this on and off hot and cold weather ordeal has me in and out of the weather blues. I was more than THRILLED to put on a bikini today for an hour, kick up my feet, and take in some vitamin D. I started to think – how can I take a little bit of this home with me without packing up my bags to move out west?

If you too are getting a little stir crazed and want an awesome summer that brings you closer to Mother Nature, all you have to do is a little research. There are plenty of local trails and county/state parks in every area that allow you to hop in your car with some good tunes and take an afternoon drive.

Here’s the list that I came up with – I hope it gives you some inspiration to make one of your own!

Summer to do list:

  1. Hike the Cap Sauers and Swallow Cliff Loop Trail in Palos Park
  2. Road trip to the Shawnee National Forest – hike, bike, sleep?
  3. Kayak Lake Michigan – Urban Canoe company
  4. Canoe the Fox River –
  5. Warrior Dash – 5K obstacle course

Get working on your list and have fun!

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