Full Body Circuit

HEART HEALTHY WORKOUTSince this month is all about getting “heart healthy”, I decided to make up a circuit that targets that goal.

High intensity circuits are very beneficial for someone who is short on time, can only commit to a few workouts a week, and someone who wants to challenge their cardio and muscular make up. In fact, circuit training has been shown to be just as beneficial as traditional forms of cardiovascular activities and can even result in a higher post-exercise metabolic rate (meaning, you will continue burning calories after you’re done working out).

This circuit takes anywhere from 45-60 minutes and is comprised of three full circuits that can be done at home, at your gym, or even in your hotel room!

You should complete each circuit four times through before moving on to the next round. Try to take as little break as possible between each movement so that you can keep your heart rate up.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!


Circuit training workout