Friendly Workouts


When it comes to the world of working out there is so much to do! Personally, I’m a weight girl as I love to feel the metal in my hands and physically experience my results. Then there are running girls, yoga girls, Pilates girls… TRX, spinning… the list goes on and on. I absolutely have friends that fall into all of these categories and it’s fun to join them in their domain to switch up the routine.

To change things up as of late, I’ve been working out with one of my girlfriends twice a week – guiding her in her workout transformation and getting in one of my own. I am absolutely in love with this as it allows me to teach proper form and then execute it myself. I feel like teaching is the best way to learn a little about yourself and to reevaluate ones own goals. On Tuesdays we focus on legs and Thursdays we do a arm/shoulder/triceps circuit. I couldn’t be more proud of watching her try new things and to hear about her improvements on our off days, it’s very rewarding.

Beside this, I have agreed to run a 5K with my very best friend. Running is definitely not my forte and is one area that I have yet to fully “master”. Literally, I’ve been doing variations of cardio since high school and I feel like this is going to be my arch nemesis the rest of my life. Sure, there are days when running is easy when the second wind chimes in – but when it’s on hiatus, getting over the 1 mile mark can be brutal, but I am always up for the challenge. I did a practice 5K outside this AM and finished strong averaging a 9 min/mile. I’m excited to get this down in time but honestly the fact that I could even accomplish this is a win in my book. I know its a true testament to all of the hard work I’ve put into my body throughout this last year and all of the obstacles I’ve overcome.

So I leave you with this: If you’ve been doing the same routine day to day try and challenge yourself with something new. Share the reward of your growth with a friend by passing on your knowledge or try out something you’ve never done before. I promise, you will realize how far you’ve come and maybe how much more you can grow.

Onward and upward!

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