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Fitness Must Haves

I have a crush on 6 things right now that I must have ASAP and if you tell me that cat shirt doesn’t make you laugh – I just don’t know if we can be friends anymore….

1. Check Meowt – Who doesn’t love a cute gym shirt? Combine cute AND funny and you have a gold cup winner in my book! This just doesn’t get old to me…. You can purchase it here on Etsy 

2. I have a sneaker obsession – all kinds! Ones for running, ones for lifting, ones when I want to wear yoga pants and a cool sneaker, ones for jeans, ones for Tuesday…. so it’s only natural that I want these awesome red high tops by Vans. Plus, look how cute that cheetah print is inside… Check meowt here!

3. My friend has been raving to me about these acupuncture mats. I personally haven’t had a go at them but every review I’ve read has been pretty positive and anything I can do to spend less time with knots I’m willing to try…. although doesn’t this remind you of one of those old artificial plastic grass mats!? 

4. Yep – a plain old lacrosse ball to help loosen all of those knots and tight tender spots around my shoulders, pecs, glutes, hamstrings! If you’re not rolling out your knots before you stretch – you’re missing out on potential growth due to muscle imbalances!

5. I NEED a Vitamix. I know they are pretty expensive but you can literally make everything from juice to ice cream with these bad boys and let’s be real – I hate chunky icy protein shakes…. Christmas present?! Any takers?!

6. I picked up a pair of Better Bodies leggings when I was at the Arnold and unfortunately, I only have one pair – and since they are camo it’s pretty easy to tell when I wear them. They are my absolutely FAVORITE pair of pants I have – super comfortable, don’t stretch out and kill it on the design – I have a feeling these pink ones are going to end up in my drawer soon, too!

Okay so that’s it – now for real though – how funny is that cat shirt!?

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  • I purchased those Better Bodies Grunge tights in TEAL 🙂 I absolutely love them (except for the zippers at the ankles). Get sooo many compliments on them at the gym haha.ReplyCancel