5 Ways to Earn Rewards By Being Healthy

Today I am talking about how to put some cash-ola back in your pockets by being healthy. 

Don’t you wish you were rewarded for the things you LOVE to do in your life? Like shopping, sleeping and eating? Well if working out falls into one of your “LOVE” categories I have 5 ways for you to earn rewards by being healthy.

I remember when I first started working out all I could think about was how I wanted to train others and get paid. If I wasn’t at work, I was at the gym. If I wasn’t at the gym, I was creating a healthy recipe. If I wasn’t creating a healthy recipe I was blogging about being at the gym and creating healthy recipes. You get my drift. I wanted to figure out a way to translate all of that love and hard work into real dollars. Eventually I got my personal training certification through NASM and launched my own business.

Don’t worry if you’re not ready to go ALL in and make fitness your career. You can still reap tons of rewards and benefits as an extra perk.

Join a healthy challenge

If you need a little motivation to hit your fat loss goal and transformation goals, websites like DietBet and 1st Phorm hold competitions that pay you to get in shape! No, really.

With DietBet you are literally betting on yourself. You can either create your own challenge or join a random challenge. You commit to how much weight you want to lose (example: 10% of your current body weight), pay an entrance fee (usually around $25)  and then if you hit your goal in the designated timeline you get to split the pot with everyone else who also hit their goal. Just quickly browsing the website, a lot of pots are over $4,000! That’s some serious cash!

1st Phorms Transformation Challenge is a little different but similar. Once you sign up, you will get assigned a coach. It’s completely free to join. You get a workout plan and nutrition plan (also free) and then compete for the best transformation. Prizes range from monthly $2,500 payouts to an overall $50,000 winner (once a year)! I mean… this seems like a no brainer right!? 

Become an affiliate or ambassador

Are you someone who is always recommending products to your friends? Did you know that you can get paid for doing that? There are TONS of companies willing to make you an affiliate for their products. When you recommend something and a friend clicks your link and purchases the product, you get money put in your pocket (or some type of credit toward their products) and some companies even pay you for your OWN purchases. Companies off the top of my head that have programs are:

1st Phorm
Under Armour
Six Pack bags
Rogue Fitness

There are seriously SO many more. All you have to do is do a quick Google search, “<<product name>> affiliate program” and you’ll easily be able to see if that company offers paid commissions on the products you recommend. It’s seriously free money.

Take advantage of your insurance wellness perks

I totally wish I would have known about my insurance fitness wellness perks 2 years ago. Tons of insurance companies offer things like discounted gym memberships and earning money for creating a steady gym routine. Since I workout in my home gym now I can’t totally utilize this program but you can! Check into your insurance wellness benefits to see what you’re offered.

There’s even a program called Silver Sneakers that gives boomers and beyond FREE gym memberships. I’m not even joking.

UnitedHealthCare and Blue Cross Blue Shield are just two companies that I know for sure offer some sort of fitness perk. Wouldn’t it be great to earn money while doing your favorite yoga pose?!

Teach a class

If you’re looking to take on a little challenge – try teaching your favorite class! Guess what? People will actually PAY YOU to lead them! Imagine that! You can start something as simple as a park bootcamp in the summer or get certified and pick up a class or two a week at your local gym. Love spin? Teach it! Super into running? Hold a running camp. The options are endless!

Get Social

Lastly, if you’re very active on social media and have a good following you can have the opportunity to work with brands and get free product. For example, if you love a certain product try to reach out to their marketing team through email and ask if they would be willing to do a product sponsorship with you. It’s as simple as asking and then promoting a product across your social media channels. I’ve gotten the chance to work with all sorts of awesome fitness and wellness brands just because I love their product! If you are REALLY active on social media (10K followers, etc) they might even pay you, too!

Alright that’s it guys! I hope that you try one of these awesome ways to make money or get free/discounted product just by being healthy and doing what you already love to do!

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