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Hi! My name is Heather Stammen and I am the face behind Dumbbell Blonde. Writing and content creation have always been intertwined with my DNA. As a former journalist – I’ve had years of experience in the field of media. From interning for the TODAY Show to producing and reporting for ABC news – I love that I can continue to share my life stories and experience with my readers.

In 2014, I got my personal training license and sports nutrition certification. I have since helped dozens of women achieve their health goals. I believe that fitness is completely inclusive to every woman no matter her schedule, size, or overall goal. In my freetime, you’ll find me snuggled up with my new son Lincoln, working out with my husband, and trying new recipes in the kitchen.

Take a peak through these pages! They’re filled with lots of healthy (but tasty) food ideas, workouts, and lifestyle fun.

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Working out shouldn’t be rocket science. With all the thousands of blogs and articles circulating the internet, no wonder it feels like you have to have a PhD in “gym” talk to get in a good sweat session. Low carb or low fat? Cardio or weight lifting? Dumbbell Blonde breaks down all the fitness “rules” while showing that you can have the body of your dreams (and eat your cake, too).

The blog features unique healthy recipes, fun gym and home workouts, and relatable lifestyle stories including beauty and fashion tips.

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  • Josh Rhyne

    Love this blog, I currently manage a health club in Asheville, NC, so I really like what you’re doing here! Keep it up Heather!ReplyCancel