FITNESS FRIDAY: Tractor Tire Workout

Tractor Tire Workout

Happy Friday! If you are anything like me and get completely bored doing the same old things in the gym I challenge you to try incorporating these moves as part of your cardio workout. Tires are a fun way to switch things up and use only one piece of equipment to burn calories fast.

As a note – if you do NOT have a tire that is small enough to flip – try sprinting up and down stairs 4 times in place of flipping the tire.

As always – stretch out your low back and hip flexors before trying this to help with hip mobility and to avoid arching your back!

Let me know how it goes!


Tire Flipping Workout

  • kssoto3

    What is a pass through tire hop?ReplyCancel

    • Hey Katherine! A pass through tire hop: Stand looking at the tire – jump in the middle of the tire then jump forward out of the middle. That is one pass through. Turn around and face the tire again – jump in the middle and jump forward out the other side. That is the second rep! Let me know if you have any other questions!ReplyCancel