Sweat It Out


I just got back from a week long cruise in the Caribbean, ya mon!  You know what happens when you’re in the sun for seven days? You sweat a lot! You know what happens when you run out of deodorant on a boat half way through your trip? Well, you have two options I suppose. 1. Embrace the world smelling like stinky cheese, or 2. Use your husbands deodorant. I went with number two for the latter part of the trip. Not only did I smell like musky Old Spice, but to my surprise I still smelled like stinky cheese.

Now, I’m not really THAT smelly of a person (I rarely even sweat when I work out – I have to do some intense cardio), but put me under a 85 degree sun and I melt away. I figured if I had a man’s deodorant on I would be more than fine and I thought that maybe I wouldn’t even have to apply deodorant for a day or two (after all – don’t men smell worse than women)? After liberally applying Old Spice under my arms and heading to the upper deck of our cruise to lay out, I stretched out my arms above my head to embrace the sun, only to quickly retract them by my side in horror. “Is that ME!? Do I REALLY smell that bad?!?” Sure enough, Old Spice had let me down…

When we got back to Chicago, I didn’t have time to head to the store before venturing to the gym (priorities, priorities people). I went ahead and lathered on some good Old Spice and busted out leg day. Once again, a nice musty smell spewed from the depths of my arms about two squats in…

So the question needs to be asked – Is women’s deodorant stronger than mens? Is deodorant similar to perfume in the sense that perfume smells differently on each person due to the hormones and bacteria that we secrete? Are there any men willing to take a deodorant challenge and wear women’s deodorant for a day?

I did read that  one of the reasons men and women smell different is due to mating selection. I attached the link so you can read – it’s kind of interesting! So the next time that you’re sniffing a man’s BO – it could be that you’re finding you’re next suitor 🙂

Ok – deodorant challenge is officially on! If you live with a man, I need to know if this is just an Old Spice thing or if there is a universal man vs. women’s deodorant “thing”.

Happy Tuesday!

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  • My BF will totally use MY deororant on camping trips if he forgets his, and it works totally fine! I tried using his ONCE. ONCE. JUST once. It did not work. Maybe girls just have more stink! HahaReplyCancel