Sundays Are My Favorite Day


I love Sundays, they are my VERY favorite day of the week and here are my top ten reasons why:

1. No alarm – I can wake up naturally and lay in bed with my husband and get the day going at our leisure
2. GYM!!! I go to the gym 6 days a week – but there’s something about Sundays and not being rushed that I just love…
3. Meal prepping – Me and Nick do our shopping together and cook for about 3 hours and make all our meals for the week (I have a fantastic husband)
4. Team posing – Seeing my Team Maxum girls is always inspiring and motivating and keeps me focused on my goals
5. Cheat Meal – Work hard, play hard (thin crust veggie cheese pizza – every Sunday night) 🙂
6. House Chores – This is a weird one, but Im so busy during the week with work and working out that come Saturday I need a day to relax so on Sunday I am full of energy and ready to get all things ME and HOUSE taken care of and I love it!
7. Adventures – When it’s nice out, me and Nick often grab our bikes and will hit the path along the lake for a ride
8. Family Time – Whether it’s church or suburbs, this is the day to focus on more than just our fitness
9. TV – Football, WWE’s Total Divas, True Blood, Game of Thrones… the list goes on but Sundays never fail for a time to wind down on the couch with the puppies by my feet, holding my husbands hand and relaxing my mind
10. Goals!! I love using Sunday to think about the week prior and what I need to accomplish for the week ahead

What’s your favorite day? Happy Sunday everyone!!