Best Clothes for a athletic body

Over the last 6 years my body has transformed into almost every shape possible. Skinny, lean, fit, athletic, and now curvy fit. While the changes have been an incredible journey, something that always derails the process is shopping for clothes – particularly summer clothing.

Shopping for the fit curvy girl is nearly impossible without a blueprint guide. All too often I leave the store crying empty handed while looking for something to wear. Too skinny of pants can leave me with a muffin top and too billowy of a shirt will make me look like I’m 9 months preggers. I’m not sure why magazines always say that the hourglass shape is the BEST shape… they clearly haven’t shopped for a curvy girl. While curvy girls look awesome naked (HELLO!) or in a bikini… clothes often miss the mark.

So what is curvy fit? You’re a curvy fit girl if you have broader shoulders/back, a bigger chest, small waist, bigger glutes or hips, and athletic legs. Thankfully, I’ve done all the dirty work and experimented over the last few years to FINALLY figure out the best and easiest way to dress the curvy fit girl. Watch the video below for more details and leave a comment about some of your favorite brands and tricks!