SUMMER BUCKET LIST: 10 things to do before Summer ends

Summer Bucket List Chicago

As a kid, Summer was something that I looked forward to all year. I grew up about an hour west of Chicago where there was a perfect mix of good schools, shopping, and even corn fields. A day in the life of “Heather” involved catching toads and fireflies, playing in the creek, riding bikes, playing ghost in the graveyard, playing at a friends house, drawing with chalk, swimming at the pool, climbing trees, picking flowers, getting lost in a corn field, walking my dogs, campfires and cookouts, and roasting s’mores.

To this day, I am obsessed with Summer. For someone active like myself, it is the perfect excuse to ditch the gym and move around outside. My kid-like behavior will peek through during long bike rides and walks along the lake.

Since I’ve spent more days in a hotel room than my own bed this Summer, I feel like I haven’t fully experienced all the greatness of the season. So, I’ve come up with ten things I need to-do before September 23rd comes knocking (the first day of Fall). Hopefully this can inspire you to get out of the house too and soak in the remaining days of warm sun.

  1. Paddle board in Lake Michigan
  2. Spend a day at OakStreet beach
  3. Walk to get ice cream in the West Loop
  4. Make a bonfire and roast marshmallows
  5. Watch a movie in the park or go to a drive-in
  6. Go to a farmers market and bring home fresh produce
  7. Go to a street fest and listen to live music
  8. Watch fireworks at Navy Pier
  9. Take a picture at the Bean at Millennium Park
  10. Go to the zoo!!!

My list is pretty simple and cheap… exactly how I like it! Let me know if you have your own Summer 2015 bucket list and what fun things you’ve been able to mix in this year.