Staci Boyer Bikini It was a cold and windy day in December of 2013 when I first met Staci Boyer face-to-face. I had just joined her competition team one month prior and I had yet to attend any workout sessions or posing classes with the rest of the girls. Call it the “first day of class” syndrome, but I was super nervous to perform in front of a dozen seasoned bikini athletes. Instead of making me feel uncomfortable, Staci volunteered to drive from the suburbs to the city to teach me posing at my house. Within one second of opening my condo door, Staci swirled in like the winter wind outside. There was no small talk. Instead, she was ready to do business and teach me the art of posing. We spent about an hour together that first meeting and I quickly learned that Staci was unlike anyone else I had ever met. She was beautiful, funny, direct, and talked as fast as she moved.

If you ask anyone who has worked with Staci they will tell you how positive she is and how busy she is – but that doesn’t mean she is TOO busy for her clients. If I would text her at 10pm she would answer. If I would email her at 5am I would have an email back within an hour. I’m actually not certain that she really sleeps…

I honestly could write an entire novel about Staci Boyer. Just writing her name puts a goofy grin on my face thinking of all the memories that I have shared with her.

So, who is Staci? To me, she is a coach, mentor, friend, and role model. To the world she is an author, motivational speaker, wellness coach, personal trainer, competition coach, group instructor, fitness apparel designer, and branding consultant.

Exhausted just reading that, right? Honestly, she’s so much more than any “title” that I could give her. Today, I am honored to be sharing more about Staci on this blog as we discuss her life as a competition coach, business owner, and bikini athlete.Staci Boyer Competition Coach

Dumbbell Blonde: I’m not sure I’ve ever asked you this question – how did you first get into fitness?
Staci: I met Rachel Mclish when I was 13.It all started at that moment. That put my life into a fitness minded thought pattern. I’ve been lifting, participating in sports, cheering and dancing since then. I’ve been a personal trainer since I was 18 and started competing in 2007. This fall will be my 23rd show.

DBB: Wow – you’ve been involved with fitness before a lot of women even cared about training. Any hard lessons you’ve had to learn along the way?
S: Like anything or any industry,  its hard work. It is a male dominant industry – or it was more so when I started. Being in the Military for 12 years gave me a birds eye view to this and I am always up for the challenge. DO the work, then DO more. My father told me my hard work, my work ethic, and my character would ultimately define me. That is in big part TRUTH.

DBB: Well your work ethic seems to have launched you on a wonderful path. What does a typical day look like for you?
S: My day starts at 5:45am when I start responding to clients and that lasts until 10pm. I update client programs throughout the day while updating social media very specifically with varied relevant content on all of our social media platforms -each day. I train privately in my studio 3-4 mornings with only a few clients. 95% of my business is online coaching. I also do website updates, video blogs, and of course workout. There are also speaking engagements and traveling for shows mixed in and then I have the kids, too. I have tried this summer to set aside set times for [my two] boys – it is easier said than done.

DBB: With a successful competition team, online training business, and all of your other multiple endeavors how do you find the time?
S: I go to bed with some things not done! I prioritize. If I make it a priority it will get done. I had a discussion the other day after my radio interview with Faydra Shantel. Someone asked me why I didn’t tell everyone how to manage time – I laughed. I do not believe in time management. I believe in priorities. You can have the most detailed spreadsheet of unimportant items set up in a most timely manageable way and NEVER get anything done. Give me 5 min with 10 things that I believe the weight of the free world rests on and trust me – those things will get done!

DBB: Ok, switching gears here – tell me about your bodybuilding competition team, Motiv8n’U Elite.
S: I wanted to be able to provide all those seeking to compete with the proper resources and guidance to make healthy and safe choices – and hope to motivate them to make life changes that last. I pride myself in working hard to meet people where they are in their lives and to help take them farther… often farther than they themselves even expected. Sometimes we only need one person to believe in us.

DBB: Speaking of competitors, it seems like everyone is chasing their “pro card” right now. What advice do you have for athletes?
S: Find validation within yourself first – before you take the stage. If you are seeking it elsewhere you will never find it. There must be a deeper drive other than sheer aesthetics to compete in a healthy environment.

DBB: A lot of people always tell me that they could never compete due to diet alone. Can you speak to that?
S: Mind over matter first. Then if its cravings – there usually is a deficiency which we address through programing. Nutrition is tricky – if your not fueling your activity or if your blood sugar drops at certain times of day or you are not eating enough then binging – those things have to be addressed. All of this is factored into every conversation that I have with my clients. There is always a reason – and there is always a solution that we can eventually find. I have even planned 2 treat meals in a week before – until finally the client said they didn’t need them anymore – Success!

DBB: Alright, last question. You are living proof that age is just a number. As a strong, in-shape, busy, 44-year-old mom who looks half her age- what advice can you give someone who thinks they are just too old to get in the gym?
S: FITNESS is for everyone – all ages. THERE IS NO POINT OF NO RETURN. We CAN and if we make it a priority – will ALWAYS be better than yesterday.

DBB: Thanks Staci.

(sigh) Isn’t she fantastic? Girl swooning mode for sure. If you are interested in hiring Staci for training or competing, you can visit her website, here. 

Check back in next week for my FINAL Face Behind the Business as I interview the trainer who first got me into fitness and inspired me to live a healthier life.



  • I got goose bumps reading this interview. Maybe it’s because I personally know Staci and had her as a coach. Either way I loved it and you truly captured her! Even though I’m not curently competing, she introduced me to a whole new world and made my first bikini prep experience successful. Also, I would have never met you DB if it wasn’t for Staci and a handful of other amazing people. She brings people together from all over with similar interests and passions. It’s remarkable!ReplyCancel

    • Thanks for the sweet comment Nili! She is pretty fantastic and we are both lucky to know such a strong woman.ReplyCancel