TRY IT ON TUESDAY: Skull Workout Pants

Skull Yoga Pants

On Tuesdays, I’m going to be blogging about some sort of awesome fashion I have come across that I think is worth sharing. While I was a men’s stylist for 3 years – I am by NO MEANS a female-know-it-all fashionista or style maven. In fact, it’s taken me a long time to figure out exactly what my style is and while I’m still not 100% sure – I do know that I like quirky, edgy, and classic pieces all mixed together…. hence these skull pants.

I found these amazing patterned leggings on Halloween while exiting my gym. A girl was swiping a pair for herself when they caught my eye. I knew I NEEDED them. So off I went – snatching the only small that was left and leaving the gym elated.

To my husbands dismay – I wore them out bowling that night in public 🙂 While he thought that I was crazy running around looking for the perfect top – I already had the perfect outfit in mind (plus it WAS Halloween – there was going to be people in way weirder outfits than me). I toned down the pants with my new Under Armour thermal and a pair of black high tops.

What I love about these are that they are full pants and they can go with pretty much anything. The drawbacks are the price ($65) and they were honestly pretty thin. I’ve been spoiling myself with Nike and Lululemon leggings as of late and these felt a little cheap – especially for the price tag. They have since been through the wash and happily I can report they remain in one piece.

Let me know if you pick up a pair for yourself!

P.S. As a bonus – while I was at cosmic bowl – these bad boys glowed in the dark… really – how can you put a price tag on that!?

Glow in the dark skull leggings

1. Onzie Two-Toned Leggings in Skull print – $65
Find it similar HERE for only $25

2. Under Armour Cozy Waffle Long Sleeve in Steeple Gray – $39.99 (I’ve worn this since with jeans and boots too – very versatile!!)

3. Gilby High-Top Zippered Sneakers by Guess – $79