TRY IT OUT THURSDAY: This Shoelace Knot Rocks


Have you ever been on a run and felt like one of your shoes were going to fly off or your laces kept coming undone? Or have you ever been walking and the back of your shoe kept sliding down but you cannot size down because the shoebox is too small? I have a fix for you!!!

My FAVORITE Mizuno running shoes finally had their last hurrah this past weekend so I was forced to replace them. Since I knew the exact model and pair that I wanted I was completely shocked to hear that the brand stopped making my model! How could this be!? So, instead of getting my same trusty pair of lightweight shoes I was forced to pick a new model 🙁 I settled on the Mizuno Wave Sayonara 2’s (verdict is still out and I have 30 days to make up my mind). Honestly, after huffing and puffing for an hour and a half the colors are what finally sold me – they totally reminded me of the 70’s! Also, I think I was still in shock that my model (The Wave Elixir) had been discontinued…

The ONLY problem (ok it’s kind of a big problem) is that one of the shoes kind of slips down my left foot…

Thankfully I found a solution to the slippage while I decide if I want to keep the shoes and it’s totally worthy of sharing! I think it’s also applicable for anyone with narrow feet (I have narrow heels) or even if you have kids and you want their little toes to stay IN their shoes instead of elsewhere! I tried this knot with my Nike’s too since they also come undone when I’m lifting and sure enough… they stayed put the whole time!

Follow the images below for a quick fix and explanation!

Runner's Shoe Lacing

1. Make sure that you have enough lace to go through your top eyelet
2. Lace through top eyelet
3. Pull each left and right lace back through top eyelet on either side it just came through and leave a little loop

Lacing Running Shoes

4. Take right lace and cross over through left loop, repeat with the left lace
5. Pull both laces tightly to form lightly knots on either side of the shoe
6. Tie lace into normal bow! Shoe should feel nice and tight around ankle!

Also for a lot more fixes like a wider foot or high instep – check out this article by KatieRunsThis! It’s really helpful and has a lot of quick fixes!