Healthy Tacos

I just got back from Mexico and I cannot tell if I am having serious sun withdrawal or seafood withdrawal. Since I still have my glowing tan – I’ll assume the latter.

This summer I have been lucky to travel ALOT. Seriously – I’ve spent more time in a hotel bed than my own. While traveling, I’ve managed to feast on all types of seafood – a BIG treat for me since I never make it at home (I hate handling fish). Well tonight I kind of gave in and decided to sear some scallops to make some tasty scallop lettuce wraps (they essentially are seafood tacos sans tortillas).

If you’re like me and wildly mess up fish every time you cook – fear not! Scallops are pretty much fool proof and they take only a matter of minutes to cook. All you need is a few washed pieces of lettuce, your favorite taco garnishes (I used pico, cilantro, shredded beets, and fresh lime) and some scallops.

To cook the scallops, coat a frying pan with your choice of butter or olive oil and get the pan VERY hot. Pat your scallops dry in the meantime (this is the trick) and sprinkle on some salt/pepper/anything else (I used cajun seasoning). Place your scallops in the pan and sear for about 2 minutes per side (or until they are no longer translucent looking). That’s it! No further explanation needed. Top your lettuce with the seared scallops and garnishes and chow them down pronto.

Check out the video below for even more explanation!