Transformation Challenge

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Sweat your way to $1,000 this fall.

If you’re looking for a fitness challenge that pushes you AND teaches you long lasting workout and nutrition results – then I want to invite you to join the Transformation Challenge.

The details:

Over the course of 6 weeks you’ll follow a transformation specific workout program consisting of muscle building and fat loss exercises and techniques.  

  • 4 days a week of online workouts accessible through my personalized fitness app. 
  • Workouts change every 3 weeks.
  • Strength training, cardio, and abdominal programs all included.
  • Transformation specific macronutrients
  • Sample macronutrient meals
  • Private training group
  • Live coaching
  • Healthy competition
  • Prizes
    • Best Transformation – $1000
    • Most Social – $100
    • Referral Bonuses – $10 for every friend you have join you (up to $50 back).
    • And more prizes through out the 6 weeks!

Workout at home or in the gym

Short on time? All the workouts focus on quick and efficient time saving methods. You can expect to spend 30 minutes, 4 days a week on your fitness routine. You can workout anywhere with a few simple pieces of equipment.

Equipment List:

Dumbbells (I recommend 3 sets to begin – light, medium, heavy)
Resistance Band
Workout Bench/chair/step stool
Swiss Ball / Stability Ball

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  • kolschowsky

    Heather’s coaching helped me develop positive diet and exercise habits, and the 30 minute routines are easy to fit into my day. It’s only been six weeks but I already notice that my energy levels and mood have improved. I’ve also quickly regained strength – I could barely lift a dumbbell after two pregnancies. Thanks, Heather!ReplyCancel

  • ajpilger

    I am SO thankful for the Transformation Challenge. After 9 months of pregnancy and 9 months of inactivity, I was nervous that the workouts would be too hard. The exercises were simple yet challenging; I walked away from each workout sweating and exhausted, yet energized to keep moving! Heather introduced me to the concept of counting macronutrients. In the past, I’ve ended a “diet” so deprived, I binge on junk. Not with this one! Counting macros is truly a lifestyle I can live with. Most importantly, I began this Challenge with low self-esteem about my body and ability to lose weight. Heather was an amazing encourager who helped me transform my thinking about my body and ability. If you’re nervous, don’t be. Heather will guide you every step of the way! She loves her job and it shows!ReplyCancel

  • Kelly

    This challenge was awesome. I really enjoyed having the new workouts to amp up my fitness. It’s nice to shake up what you are already doing! My biggest takeaway is learning how to count macros. I have struggled with this in the past, and Heather has made this super easy to do!ReplyCancel

  • Amy Freitag

    This was the perfect kick-start to a healthier lifestyle. The workouts and nutrition goals are not only manageable but also sustainable. Through this challenge I learned how to make lifestyle changes that will benefit me for a lifetime. And, truthfully, Heather is a phenomenal coach!ReplyCancel

  • Drewanne23

    Heather has quite a talent for fitness, nutrition and coaching (among other things). This challenge jump started a new way of life for me. She made it fun, exciting and challenging but also very doable for my busy lifestyle. I learned so much about different types of workouts and also macros. My challenge won’t be ending at the six week mark. Heather is an amazing coach and I’m excited to continue with her.ReplyCancel

  • Brooke

    This transformation challenge was exactly what I didn’t know I needed. I signed up out of frustration because I would take the same workout classes but I ate whatever I wanted and I was not seeing any changes. This challenge provided me with new workouts that my body responded to. The program also taught me how to track macros and that has made a big difference in how I feel. I’m grateful for this challenge and how comfortable and supportive Heather is as a coach! I’m looking forward to continuing on this journey with Forever fit.ReplyCancel

  • Crae Carpenter

    This challenge helped me in SO MANY ways! I signed up because I wasn’t seeing any results in my current workout regimen and need something extra to help see results. This challenge has amazing workouts, support from Heather AND you learn how to track your macros. It was exactly what I needed. Although I didn’t see as much change as I wanted to, I now know I am on the right track finally! You will not regret joining!ReplyCancel

  • Amanda Pilger

    I completed my first Transformation Challenge in January-February 2019. I continued through the spring & summer with Forever Fit, but I gained a few pounds back due to summer fun and busyness. I was so excited to take part in the second TC, because I loved the accountability and support of it. The second time around was completely different! I felt stronger and more aware of what I needed to eat to meet my goals. The camaraderie of the group was great, I learned even more, and again, saw incredible results. I know I couldn’t do it without Heather. Her support, workouts, challenges, and spirit are amazing. I’m so thankful for her!ReplyCancel

  • Carissa Bedi

    This was my first time doing Heather’s Transformation Challenge and it was such a wonderful experience! I have been going to the gym regularly for about 4 years now. For the past year I have been heavily involved in training for powerlifting. The circuit-style workouts and macro training really helped supplement my strength training and I did a meet on my last day of the challenge and did FAR better than I thought I would! This challenge (the workouts, one-on-one check-ins, coaching calls, macro calculator, group support in the Facebook group) all helped me become a better version of myself, inside and outside of the gym. I felt so great (mentally and physically) after the workouts. Heather is an inspiring coach and shows you in many ways how much she cares and wants you to do well! She is a realistic coach which is 100% appreciated. Loved this challenge and look forward to participating in another!ReplyCancel

  • Glenn Townsend

    I joined a gym back in June thinking I would get fit and lose weight with no results. Even though I went to the gym and worked out 3 times a week I was not eating right. After joining the Tranformation Challenge and learning how to count my macros and eat right I finally started dropping weight and feeling good. I am thankful for this challenge and for Heather. She was a big help to me. I didn’t realize at the beginning how much fun it would be. I can’t wait to continue this journey.ReplyCancel

  • Teresa Loftin

    I just completed my first Transformation Challenge and it was great. In 6 short weeks, I noticed a big change in my appearance. The support of Heather and the overall group was great. The challenge helped me stay on track with my fitness goals and the short 30 minute workouts were easy to get done even if you have a very busy lifestyle like I do. I highly recommend it.ReplyCancel

  • Bri Witthuhn

    The transformation challenge was just that – a transformational experience that challenged my thinking, habits, and commitment to my personal wellness. If you’re on the fence like I was thinking, “Well I know how to workout and eat, do I really need a group experience for this?” – just sign up. You will not be disappointed!ReplyCancel

  • Alissa

    This is the second time I did a challenge with Heather and I enjoyed it just as much as the first. The workouts are easy to fit in and the Facebook group is helpful for accountability and recipe ideas. Even though I’m a slow loser and the challenges are only 6 week, I’ve seen noticeable changes each time. Thanks, Heather!ReplyCancel