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Program Closed! Next session launches Fall 2019.

Build Lean muscle mass and torch fat in about 30 minutes per day with minimal equipment!

Total Body Bootcamp Coaching Edition is a 12-week group training program for the busy woman who can’t always get to a gym but still wants to look and feel great. I know how difficult it is to get out of the house and into the gym. Before I had my first son, Lincoln, I could devote 2 hours a day to the gym while training for fitness competitions. I was definitely part of the #noexcuses train (I’m literally eye rolling at my pre-baby self). Now – my world is a completely different place. Those extra hours in my day are put toward being the best mom and wife possible.

But I still want to achieve my own fitness goals, feel energized, and look great. So I created this program based on everything I’ve learned through my experience as a personal trainer AND as a busy mom. Total Body Bootcamp focuses on effectively building lean muscle mass and torching fat with minimal equipment.You can do these workouts almost anywhere, including your home!


You won’t be spending hours a day with this program. Instead, plan on devoting about 30 minutes 5 days a week to your fitness regiment. Workouts will focus on high intensity interval training (HIIT) mixed with weight lifting, cardio and functional training.


This is a guided coaching program meaning you will have access to me through the whole program to help hold you accountable and cheer on your victories.

You will receive 12 weeks worth of fitness programing that includes a workout of the day video and movement explanation library.

You will also receive fat loss macros, an example meal plan, portion sizes, eating schedule and supplementation guidance.

Weekly video conference calls.

Bonus #1: You’ll receive lifetime access to a supportive fitness community Facebook group.

Bonus #2: Email and live support from me. You are able to ask me questions anytime along your journey or join in on my weekly conference calls.

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3 reviews for Total Body Bootcamp

  1. Hilary (verified owner)

    I love this program – Heather put together some awesome workouts that get you moving, burn calories, improve energy, but are still so easy to fit into a busy schedule. She’s super easy to contact, responds quickly, and she is totally with you in the program and focused on helping you reach your goals. The workouts are also doable at any level, and modifications can be made quite easily, either on your own or with Heather’s help! If you need a kick to get moving, want to re-vamp your physical activity, or are looking for a change of pace, I highly recommend Total Body Bootcamp.

  2. Kirbey Rogic (verified owner)

    I LOVED this program! I am super active but have struggled through injuries and just an overall tight schedule on account of little ones and work. This program allowed me to get a workout in five days a week without hesitation. With just a few workout items and the amazing program from Heather, I was left feeling challenged as well as accomplished at the end of my weeks. Would definitely sign up again!

  3. Ashlee (verified owner)

    Total Body Bootcamp is awesome! The 5 workouts each week provide lots of variety to keep you interested. They are tough workouts, but I love that they are each 30-45 minutes so you can fit them into a busy schedule. Each workout can be done at a gym or at home with minimal equipment. This program showed me there are no excuses for not working out. It helped me get back into an exercise routine and reach some goals. My favorite part about the bootcamp is the app. It has so many cool features, such as, a calendar to schedule your weekly workouts, videos demonstrating form, group messaging, progress tracking and calorie tracking. Heather is always available for questions concerning the workouts and nutrition. She clearly put a lot of time into developing the program! I will definitely participate in future challenges with Heather!

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