Mommy Rehab


Mommy Rehab is a 6-week online training program for new moms looking to get back into a workout routine while also focusing on pelvic floor and core recovery.

What you can expect:

  • Workouts are all held in my customized fitness app that you can access on your smartphone, a tablet, or your desktop.
  • All of the workouts are built with your newly postnatal body in mind. Workouts are short and efficient and work on getting you up to speed to be able to do a full fledged fitness program.
  • Each week you will have 3 workouts – a recovery day and 2 full body circuits. Workouts change every week.
  • If 3 days a week is too little – you can always repeat a day, add in cardio on the other days, or combine with your other favorite fitness routines (pilates, Peloton, yoga).

Equipment Needed:

  • Swiss Ball
  • Resistance Band with handles
  • Looped band
  • Dumbbells (I recommend three separate weights to build on, light/medium/heavy)
  • Bench or step stool

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