Patriotic Muffins

Clean Eating Muffins

Funny story about these muffins… I made them ahead of time for this blog post and gave one that was fresh out of the oven to my husband. I told him that I still needed to photograph these for my blog and that he couldn’t have any more until this post was done. I knew EXACTLY how many I had (two were missing since we both indulged in them), so when one extra was missing I cornered my husband only for him to throw back his head cracking up and pleading for me to hide them so he didn’t scarf them all down.

I took that as a good sign that these were made to perfection. They incorporate a medley of fruits including raspberries, blueberries, and bananas and are garnished with white chocolate bites. They are the perfect dessert to any celebration, morning wake-up, or quick snack.

Give them a try and I hope you love them as much as my husband does!


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  • Anna Mae Harris

    Hi sweetheart….hope your day at the races was fun fun…..really enjoyed you four….again thanks for dinner.
    love you ….