Never Become an Expert


What are you an expert in? Fitness and nutrition? What about at your job? Are you the best salesperson on your team – the one your boss and everyone looks up to? Maybe you’re an engineering whiz. You solve problems that most people cannot even imagine and you create tools and platforms that will better our society for years to come.

Are you an expert?

Here’s a piece of advice: Never proclaim to be an expert. I know this sounds silly – deeply rooted inside all of us there’s a competitive version of ourselves waiting to jump out. For some, this is more prominent than others. Do you want to know how to keep that hunger? NEVER become an expert.

As soon as you’ve declared that you’re an expert, that you’ve become the best and most unbeatable version of yourself – you stop growing and  you stop learning. You’ll get comfortable in your expert ways and relish in the years you’ve put forward in your craft. The second you start feeling this way – there’s going to be someone else hungrier, more competitive, more knowledgable than you – ready to jump at the chance to take your spot and become the new “expert”. If we constantly engage our minds and push ourselves past the point of comfortability – that’s when we truly learn. Ask questions, practice even if you THINK you’re perfect, and constantly do research.

I promise you, if you never declare that you are an expert, you will keep your mind open and become a student for life.

But then again – who am I to say what you should do – I’m not an expert.

Happy Friday!