My Favorite Leg Exercises

Best workout for legs

Toned legs are super sexy – (who else drooled over Jessica Simpson’s legs in Dukes of Hazard)?! I remember reading that her workouts consisted of a lot of variations of lunges to get in shape – and I have to agree… lunges rock!

When I first started working out, I HATED leg day – actually hate isn’t even the proper word… I was traumatized with working out my legs. A little back story here – I was a cheerleader for 8 years and all of the muscle I had in my legs came without “focusing” directly on my legs – it’s amazing how much muscle you can gain from flipping, jumping, and lifting people in the air. Fast forward to about three years ago, I was a few years removed from my cheerleading days and I hadn’t done a leg workout since. When I decided to get back into the gym, I could BARELY do a walking lunge with just my bodyweight. My legs would shake and my muscles would cramp up. I would take about 5 steps and give up – always thinking “will this make a difference anyway”?

Thankfully, I hired an awesome trainer who drilled my legs into the ground. I would leave a sweaty and tear streaked mess – but day-by-day they started to get stronger. Now, leg days are my favorite. I love trying a bunch of different isolated movements to pump up the booty and compound lifts for an overall workout.

So today I am sharing 10 of my favorite leg exercises that you can incorporate into your gym routine. Some of these are for advanced lifters only – but don’t worry… you’ll be able to work your way up if you stick with a solid routine.

Watch the video below for my 10 favorite movements and click on the included links for some instructional videos. Drop me a line with your favorite exercises and always feel free to email me with questions.