My Dry Skin Makeup Routine

Best Makeup for Dry Skin

Nothing kills a banging makeup routine more than dry skin. Seriously, imagine putting foundation on dry toast. What a disaster that would be, right?

That’s basically been my life forever. It doesn’t matter how much water I drink or how often I exfoliate – my skin is a rebellious little brat. I’ve also spent hundreds (yes… hundreds) of dollars on foundation trying to find the perfect formula to go over my dry skin. I’ve come close with a few brands (Givenchy + Younique), but ultimately they were only OKAY at best.

Recently, while doing the mombie walk around Target (heehee – see what I did there? Mommy and Zombie?!), I came across this Maybelline Fit Me Dewy + Smooth foundation. I actually think I might have first heard about it on someone else’s blog (sorry I wish I could link but I don’t remember!!!). Kind of skeptical, I threw the $4.99 bottle into my big red cart and went on my merry way.

Fast forward to getting home, I instantly went upstairs to my beauty desk and put a few drops of the foundation on my face. Holy cow… it was like pure magic I’m not even joking. My skin never looked so smooth and all of the redness on my face was perfectly covered. My skin looked like it had been airbrushed with a smooth velvet-like finish.

I wish I could remember the EXACT day I came across this amazing foundation because it honestly deserves its own yearly holiday celebration 🙂 Anyway – I’m not joking if you have dry skin and struggle with finding a good foundation, get your booty to your nearest Target or Walgreens and pick this up.

Here’s what I do to apply: 

  1. Apply my Smashbox photo finish hydrating primer all over my face and let it dry.
  2. Dab the foundation on my check bones, chin, nose, and forehead. Take a big fluffy foundation brush and blend in makeup.
  3. Apply pressed powder over my foundation to ensure it stays all day. I love Make Up For Ever’s HD pressed powder.
  4. Apply Benefit’s Erase Paste under eyes for my concealer (I use the medium color). This stuff is amazing! It blends really well but definitely needs to be finished off with another light coat of pressed powder to keep it in place.

Final Thoughts

That’s it chicas! I swear by this routine and I have highly considered hoarding a bunch of bottles in case they discontinue their FitMe! line. Here’s to hoping it sticks around. Also – check out my YouTube video below if you want more application details!

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