How To Wake Up For Morning Workouts


I get asked a lot about what time I workout. How do I have enough time to fit working out in my schedule? I’ll also hear “I just don’t have time or I’m too tired!”

Listen, we’ve all been there – working ridiculously long weeks and pushing the engine until it can’t be pushed anymore. There’s also nothing worse than working a long day and getting to the gym to have every machine and treadmill taken.

My solution? Morning workouts. I know – “but it’s so early”, I know “I just can’t get out of bed”.

If you set a goal for yourself, you will not let yourself down. I think that is the key to this whole healthy madness. No one can be setting these goals for you – YOU have to want to lose the weight, gain the muscle, etc.

Whatever you think will motivate you – start there. For me, it was simple – I had high cholesterol, I had to make a lifestyle choice, all the rest fell into place when I got back into the swing of things. I made sure not to make myself a slave to the treadmill and found other activities that I could look forward to when I stepped foot in the gym.

So – how do you work AM workouts into your schedule?

Here are some good tricks that have worked for me:

1. Pack your meals the night before – including your pre and post workout food, lunches and all snacks and put them in the fridge so in the morning there’s no extra brain work needed – grab and go.

2. Have your workouts pre-planned. If you know you are doing legs – know what exercises you are doing, how many reps and sets of each. If you only have 40 minutes in the gym you cannot afford to waste time populating a workout while you are AT the gym.

3. Lay out your workout clothes – heck I’ve SLEPT in my workout clothes before to ensure I do not miss going.

4. On the topic of clothes – have your gym bag ready the night before. If you are getting ready for work at the gym, bring all necessities. I also rarely do cardio in the morning so I can skip the showers and just freshen up (huge time saver).

5. If you are still unsure you are going to make your morning wake up – ask a friend to go with you. Being held accountable like you are going to a “meeting” is always a sure motivator.

Heather Stammen bodybuilding

  • Great tips and advice. People use too many excuses to get out of workouts. We need to push ourselves and really go after our goal. Great post and keep up the awesome work 🙂ReplyCancel

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  • Ashley

    Great advice Heather! My fiancé and I get up at 5am each morning. I make us both healthy protein pancakes and he goes to work while I go to the gym for an hour before my busy work day begins. I love this system for us! Preparing our meals the night prior and packing it gym bags is a must. Having everything ready to go in the morning sets us up for success!ReplyCancel

    • Totally Ashley! My husband travels during the week now which is such a bummer because we used to be morning crusaders together! I hope you are well and thanks for stopping by 🙂ReplyCancel