5 Ways to Prepare for a Morning Workout Routine

How to workout in the morning

I love working out in the morning. Well, I USED to love working out in the morning. Now – I workout whenever my son takes a nap. Back when I first started hitting the gym, I had a very specific and strict morning routine. Me and my hubby would wake up at 5:00 AM, scarf down some breakfast and be at the gym by 5:30 AM. We would see the same people there every morning and it became a huge part of our lifestyle. We wouldn’t be on our phones before bed and we had lights out by 10:00. It was our thing.

When we first started this routine I’ll be honest it was ROUGH! Eating breakfast so early would hurt my stomach and getting dressed would make me dizzy. After a few weeks, it was no big deal. Being prepared was a HUGE part of getting to the gym on time and then on to our jobs. Also, having specific goals (my NPC Bikini show) were very helpful to get us moving. Also, realizing that getting out of bed was all mental helped to force my body to move forward and ignore my super fluffy and soft pillows.


  1. Pre-packing meals for the day including breakfast – try some of these recipes!
  2. Pre-plan workouts before heading to the gym including sets and reps. Try this leg workout!
  3. Lay out workout clothes the night before OR try sleeping in them.
  4. Pack a gym bag the night before including shampoo, makeup, and work clothes.
  5. Schedule a gym date with your bestie or hubby!

Preparing for early morning workoutsmorning workout routine clothes

I hope these tips help to get your booty to the gym. Check out the video below for more details!!

Tips to get to the gym in the morning

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