Lightened-Up Whip Cream

Healthy Whipped Cream RecipeTRUE STORY: Yesterday I spent about 4 hours making this awesome whipped cream recipe, taking photos, and a shooting a really cool instructional video for my Youtube Page… midway through – a storm rolled in and killed all of my natural light so I had to scrap the whole project (the joys of being a blogger) 🙂

So, instead of seeing my AWESOME homemade whipped cream up close – you will have to settle for this super cool stock photo!

Okay – moving on to the recipe… I am a sucker for dessert as I posted last week. Today marks week 2 of my favorite dessert recipes leading up to my 30th birthday (woah… things are getting real). I love whipped cream for so many things – topping ice cream, dipping fruit, putting it in my coffee for a treat, topping cakes, or just straight up eating it out of the bowl. The only problem – its pretty fatty! That’s why I came up with this lightened-up whipped cream recipe. Although it still obviously contains fat, I substituted liquid stevia for confectioners sugar (although you can still absolutely use that if you want it a little more fluffy) and put greek yogurt in it as well to add some protein and to create a thicker product. It is absolutely DELICIOUS!

A few notes: Note #1: make sure that you use a REALLY cold bowl and whisk (place it in the freezer beforehand) so that your cream whips faster. Using a warm bowl will pretty much make this recipe void. Note #2: if you have a electric hand mixer – use it! I made this recipe last year during Thanksgiving and it whipped right up. Unfortunately, I only have a stand mixer at my house and that took a little bit more time. I also tried whipping it by hand and holy cow – my arms were burning! Note # 3: After you get your whipped cream to the consistency of your liking (you should be able to lift it up with a spoon and form peaks), place it in the refrigerator for 10 minutes before serving. This will ensure that it gets a little more firm! Note #4: You can add in extras! Flavor your whipped cream with peanut butter or cocoa or fresh squeezed lemon juice!

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