Best Protein Pancake Recipe

I seriously could eat breakfast for every meal – and sometimes I do! There are so many endless options of good-for-you-tasty recipes that breakfast often times becomes my fallback plan for meals.

Today, I am sharing with you one of my favorite recipes – lemon protein pancakes. I use this recipe as the base for all of my protein pancakes even if I want to add other things to the mixture like blueberries or chocolate chips.

I first started making protein pancakes in the Spring of 2013 right before my first bikini bodybuilding show. It was a good way to stay on plan while indulging in some tasty food. I’ve tried countless of recipes and that’s how I came up with this one.

healthy pancake recipe

The pancakes aren’t flat or paper thin like a lot of protein pancake recipes and they are super moist, fluffy, and filling! So why are they called protein pancakes? They use vanilla protein powder as part of the “flour” ingredient. What a fun and tasty way to get in your protein while still staying healthy.

For toppings, you can try fresh fruit, syrup, or almond butter. Try making them for your family or friends and see if they can tell a difference… although I have a feeling that they will scarf them down before noticing any subtle differences.

low calorie pancakes

A few tips:
1. If you’re against using flour – you can use ground up oats instead
2. You can substitute 50 grams of bananas for the avocado
3. If you don’t have lemon juice – the recipe will still turn out fine!


Best Protein Pancake RecipeCalories in protein pancakes