IVF: Round Two

IVF and things to do

Well today is the day! I start round 2 of IVF again tonight after my last cancelled cycle in September. I cannot believe how fast this day approached. I remember feeling so upset, angry, hurt, frustrated, and confused after my trigger shot failed last time to produce the necessary eggs we needed for retrieval. My doctor told me that we would be taking a 6 week “break” before starting again. Well, a break isn’t necessarily true. I’ve been on birth control for the last 5 weeks again. THANKFULLY – I was switched from Reclipsen to Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo. Reclipsen was honestly one of the worst drugs I have ever been on (besides clomid… ). I was constantly nauseas, gained so much weight, had break through bleeding constantly… the WORST! I had zero side effects with Orto Tri Cyclen Lo this time and I absolutely loved it. If you’re looking for a good BC I would highly suggested asking your doctor if it is right for you. 

Anyway, I start back up with shots again tonight (Menopur and Follistim) and I am also supposed to continue taking a high dose of CoQ10 and baby aspirin. More meds will be added in next week and we’re using a different trigger shot (Lupron AND HCG). I’m happy that I know what to expect this time around and that it won’t take me over an hour to stab myself… I got it this time!

Over the last 6 weeks I’ve been incredibly busy! I turned 30, was in Florida for my best friends wedding, had lots going on with the new house, started nannying my other best friends baby on Thursdays (she’s amazing… #sophieday), held my 4 week weight loss challenge, celebrated my 5 year wedding anniversary, and had an awesome halloween night with friends! Every minute of those moments were very much needed and appreciated. 

Let’s talk about Halloween for a second. I went out with my husband, best friend, and her husband and we met some other friends later. Our group decided to dress up as comic book characters. My best friend and I were Thor and Loki, her husband was Captain America, and Nick was the Joker. It was such a fun night. I’ve known Nick for 14 years and he has only dressed up once (as Mike Ditka). It was hilarious seeing him get into “joker” character and I know he loved letting loose. I did his makeup (with latex lips and all) and sprayed his hair green. We danced and laughed all night – it was the perfect way to head into this new cycle. 

Anyway – the next two weeks are going to be exhausting between the meds and constant doctor appointments – but I know it will be worth it! Thank you for all the prayers, sweet messages, and thoughts over the last few months. 

 Here’s to two weeks of no caffeine and light workouts. We’re praying for a successful retrieval this round… let’s go!