Invisalign Is Slowly Killing Me

Invisalign HurtI am pretty much the queen of “try anything once”… literally.

One time I tried guitar lessons… that lasted a month. My wrists were WAY too tight from weight lifting to properly do chords… but I was REALLY good at finger picking.

Then I signed up for spanish classes… that lasted a few weeks.

Then there was this time when I was trying to grow out my pixie so I paid to have extensions put in. They were SO terrible my husband had to use pliers to remove them from my hair… that same night. I really wish I had pictures….

For a gal with lifetime best friends who also married her high school sweet heart – I sure do shorten the life span on other things… At least I’m self aware, right!?

Speaking of…. I got invisalign this week. They are coming off tomorrow. I’ve pretty much had a tooth migraine since they were put on. I can’t eat because my teeth hurt so bad… but then I desperately want to eat so I can take the dang retainers out and give my mouth a break. My sleeps have been severely interrupted and today my IVF nurse told me I shouldn’t be putting myself through this much discomfort going into our transfer. Plus, being 30 but looking 16 really sucks. If only my wrinkles had also time traveled to 2004 these plastic torture devices might have had a better chance of survival. Ah, the world of a girl who changes her mind.

So, tomorrow I’m saying “hasta la vista” (See… some spanish stuck around). I’m excited to lick my teeth and put down my chapstick (omg, hello dry lips!!). My dentist (who is fantastic) is getting me new trays without the buttons and we’re doing a less aggressive approach. I’m so hoping I can tolerate the change so I don’t pull out all of my pretty blonde hair.

That’s it from team flip flop… hope you all have some great plans for the weekend!