My Most Important Father’s Day Yet

My First Father's Day

As a kid, I always cherished Mother’s and Father’s Day. I remember my school teachers helping us smear our little hands in paint and stamp them on cards for our parents. I felt so proud seeing the grins on my parents faces when they read their cards out loud while drinking their too strong coffee and eating the burnt toast that my brother and I had both eagerly prepared.  I don’t know where who I would be without my parents.

This year, both me and my husband Nick get to celebrate our own first Mother’s and Father’s Day. Nick and my son Lincoln took me to a park this year for Mother’s Day where we snuggled on a blanket and breathed in the warm air as a family. It was a perfect day. Now it’s time to shower my husband with love.

Since the day I met Nick at age 15, he always talked about how he wanted to be a dad. I would just smile in support while day dreaming of college, traveling, journalism…. pretty much anything other than being a mom and having a kid. When we finally got pregnant I was obviously happy for myself, but way more so for Nick. I felt like I had helped Nick check a life moment off his bucket list.

The whole time I was pregnant all I could think about was what our little boy would look like. I 100% thought that he would come out looking like Nick’s mini me. After all, Nick’s Mom is 50% Greek and their DNA is very strong and apparent in their family. All of his siblings look similar – even his cousins, too! So the day Lincoln was born, boy were we shocked to see that he looked identical to MY dad. Of all people – MY dad. I don’t even look like my dad.

Anyway, although the physical affiliation isn’t there (yet) boy does he have plenty of my husband in his personality. He’s a super funny, intelligent, loving and sometimes mischievous boy. Lincoln has Nick’s feet (I know… weird) and he lights up every time his “da-da” walks into the room. Every night when we all snuggle in the middle of our big king sized bed as a family, I can’t help but honestly thank God for this tight-knit bond we all share.

Having a son has tripled the size of my heart. I don’t know how it’s possible but not only did I fall instantly in love with Lincoln, I fall more and more in love with my husband Nick every day for being such a strong father. I could stare at the two of them playing on our living room floor forever or watch Nick read Lincoln his very favorite Itsy Bitsy Spider book any day.

So, while I have celebrated and cherished every Father’s Day my entire life, this year means so much more. You better believe there are years of painted hand print cards to come and I’m sure many cups of too strong coffee and burnt toast to be had, too.

To all the fantastic fathers out there – thank you! You are helping to raise boys and girls into strong men and women. And to my own father – I love you.

Looking for some last minute Father’s Day gifts? Check out this gift guide here. Enjoy your weekend!

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P.S. This was Lincoln’s first time having ice cream. I’m so happy to have gotten this moment on camera (Thanks Nicole Jansma for the pictures) – he sure is a little bit of his mom, too 😉

P.S.S. If you live in the Tri City area of Chicago – check out Kilwin’s Ice Cream in Geneva. It is AMAZING!!!