I Was Inspired Today…

I’ve found myself complaining a lot – mostly about the weather. To be fair, it’s been a brutal Winter and Spring cannot come soon enough. I’m a really hyper person and being trapped in doors has me going a little stir crazy and I’m noticing my optimism is being replaced with a little bit of negativity.

The thing about negativity is it spreads like an infection – it starts with yourself and rubs off on the people closest to you as you become agitated and snappy. Negativity can affect your relationships, work, your image – everything. You can wake up in the best mood and the littlest comment can ruin your whole day. Is this logical? Heck no! So how do we get out of a negative rut? How do we turn the cheek on negativity and get back on course. 

Look no further than yourself. You see – negativity is all a frame of mind, it is a choice! Do you want to be happy? Then be happy! Have you ever thought that you can choose happiness? It’s funny when you think of it that way – in fact say it out loud, “I am going to be happy!”

What’s holding you back from being happy? Is it a relationship? Is it money? Is it your job? Is it your fitness goals? I challenge you to think – REALLY think and declare war on your negativity!

This morning when I was on my way to workout, I was tired, freezing, and every muscle in my body was aching. I in no way wanted to inflict more pain on myself, but as soon as I stepped foot in the gym, I saw something amazing – inspiring. I saw a man holding his head high with the biggest smile on his face navigating through the weight room. This man was also a double arm amputee. His eyes exuded confidence and I knew that although he likely had some challenges in his life – in that moment, he was not complaining and he was sure as heck not being negative. My mental focus was instantly shifted – I did not feel sorry for my aching muscles and I was no longer dreading my workday ahead – I was grateful and excited that I had come across such a great role model so early in the day.

So now the challenge is up to you – are you ready?