I Visited Chip and Joanna Gaines Magnolia Market | 5 Things You Need to Know

Chip and Joanna Gaines Magnolia Market

My husband makes fun of me for my obsession with HGTV. To be fair –  my father is a custom home builder and I was raised with an eye for design. Fast forward to like 4 years ago and my love for Fixer Upper emerged. If you don’t watch Fixer Upper (Hello! Are you living under a rock?!) – it’s HGTV’s number 1 ranked home design show. It features the married couple, Chip and Joanna Gaines, and their experiences flipping homes in Waco, Texas. I’d say that their style is an eclectic industrial farmhouse vibe. They pretty much made shiplap stylish again.

So, when me and my bestie Lauren (she blogs over at Sips + Sequins) got an invite from the Texas Tourism Bureau to travel to Waco (check out an overview of my whole Texas trip HERE), I KNEW one of my first stops had to be the Magnolia Silos and market. We actually visited Waco during Silobration which is a huge event that Magnolia Market at the Silos puts on in October. From what I understand after talking to staffers, they’ve been holding this event for 3 years now and this year by FAR exceeded all of the other years attendance. I’m not joking – it was like a sea of shiplap loving people. So while we didn’t get to actually step foot in the Magnolia Market or bakery (I know – I was a little bummed too but the lines for each were about 2 hours), we did have plenty of fun exploring the Silos area. So I decided to put together 5 things you need to know before planning your travel to the market.


Although you might have a hard time grabbing food and coffee from Silos Bakery – there’s also a food truck where you can snag one of their famous cupcakes. I had the campfire cupcake and Lauren ate the pumpkin spice cupcake. No joke – the BEST cupcake I’ve ever had in my entire life. Speaking of food trucks, there are food trucks surrounding the entire Silos compound. Everything from coffee, to gourmet loaded hot dogs, juices, and asian food. We ate at a truck called Club Sandwich which weirdly had nothing to do with sandwiches and everything to do with Asian fusion. Either way – it was ah-mazing.


No joke it was 95 and sunny when we visited the Silos. Since we went during Silobration, most lines ranged from 20 minutes – 2 hours and when you’re standing in line (for food or to peek inside their home decor store) there is literally no shade. The good news is there are plenty of vendors selling water bottles (I think we went through 4 each) and cute little places to plop down and take in the area that provide shade. I saw some super smartie pants people walking around with hand and neck fans and I totally wish I would have brought one. Anyway – you’ve been warned. The Texas heat is no joke.


There are seriously like one billion Instagrammable moments around the Silos. Everything in the area is stylish and trendy and you can tell that Joanna Gaines really had her hands on everything. Their branding is downright amazing. You’ll see a lot of repeating black, white, and greens all over with fun signs to take pictures, food trucks to lean on, and of course you’ll want to take a picture of the silos.


It’s hard for me to get a good grasp about how busy the Magnolia Silos are on a day to day basis, but when we went it was a madhouse. We did speak to a police officer who told us that the bakery usually has a line every morning – in fact people start to line up an hour before the doors open. She also mentioned that the best time to go would be during the week like a Tuesday or Wednesday. So, if you have flexibility with your travel, I’d leave the weekend to exploring elsewhere in Waco.


When I got back from my trip I had almost every family member and friend ask if we saw Chip and Joanna Gaines. The answer, sadly, is no. I don’t think it would be super far fetched to see them as they are VERY active in their community (seriously every person in Waco is so proud to have them in their town – just ask any Uber driver that picks you up), but we did not see them. A staffer actually told me that if they were to appear during Silobration that they would probably get mobbed. See – shiplap loving is a real thing you guys.

The Joanna Gaines StoreWaco Made Ice Cream

Let me know if you end up visiting the Magnolia Market at the Silos. It was such a cute place and I would definitely come back (this time, on a Tuesday).
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