How To Wear Your Hair Naturally Wavy

Naturally Wavy Hair

Raise your hand if you’ve battled wavy hair your whole life? I’m doing a virtual hand raise. For years I was a slave to mousse and gel. Plus, if I wanted to wear my hair wavy on the road, I would always have to bring along my diffuser. The problem with this method is my hair would be crunchy and the diffuser would take up tons of space in my suitcase or carryon bag. Also – my hair just kind of looked like garbage.

Fast forward to about a year ago when I found the perfect solution to wearing my hair naturally wavy and soft. Thank the LORD! There are so many days when I work out and get super sweaty but don’t want to straighten my hair. The “wet bun” look got old real quick and I knew I needed to learn how to tame my frizzy mane once and for all. The good news is this look is SUPER simple. If your hair is naturally straight – sorry girlfriend I cannot help you. This is just for my wavy haired friends.

So here’s the deal – this method works best if you can air dry your hair for a few hours. Now, if you have crazy frizzy hair (like me), I know you’re probably thinking that I am insane. But – trust me! I have figured out how to cure frizzy hair and still look amazing.

My three secret weapons are: 

  1. Paper Towels
  2. Ouidad Curl Quencher Intense Curl Cream
  3. 3/4″ curling iron

Check out my video below for a full tutorial and let me know if you give this a try! I am so interested to hear other success stories!
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