How to Master the Pineapple Bun

how to master a bun

 Today is all about how to master the perfect pineapple bun. 

Yes, this is a thing! One of my most common questions has nothing to do with fitness and everything to do with this wacky bun on top of my head. If you’re a fit chick, you know that working out every day might help your body look bangin’ but on the flip side it leaves your hair looking whack. One of the reasons I cut my hair into a pixie a few years back was because it always used to look so dirty and messy from sweating. Sure, I used to put it up in a “messy bun” – but if I wanted to throw on a dress or head out to dinner with the hubs it looked just as the name says, MESSY!

So, I stepped back and reinvented the “bun” to look more elegant and put together. I seriously wear this hairstyle all the time. It takes all of 3 minutes to put up and the dirtier your hair the better.

There’s 5 easy steps to creating the bun and you likely have all of the materials already in your bathroom. The only thing I recommend picking up is a hair texturizer or volume spray. I use Living Proof Full Dry Volume. Let me tell you – it’s AMAZING!!! It’s also so great to spray in your hair after using a curling iron to create waves. The product leaves your hair looking like perfect volume beach waves.

Step 1
Spray volumizer through dry hairhow to get volume in hair

Step 2 
Put hair into a high ponytailHigh Ponytail Tutorial

Step 3
Tease ponytail with a fine tooth comb

Teased ponytail

Step 4
Divide Ponytail in half and wrap half loosely into bun. Secure with bobby pins.Create loose bunhow to create a hair bun

 Step 5
Wrap remaining half opposite way in loose bun (make sure you wrap in front)Elegant hair bun

And that’s it! Easy peasy right? If you don’t quite get my explanation through pictures I also created a YouTube video (I got ya girl). Check it out and give it some love. If you end up trying out this bun tag me in your pictures #dumbbellblonde.

If there are other tutorials you guys would like to see drop me a comment below! I love creating content that you guys want in your life!

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