How to Dominate Goal Setting Like a Boss

Set Goals You'll Actually DoWhere has 2015 gone!? I cannot believe we are already into the first week of November with New Years coming around the corner. If I am being honest, today I was feeling tired, overwhelmed, and a little unmotivated. Sometimes when I have SO much going on it feels easier to just lay on the couch and watch hours of Sex and the City reruns – who else feels me?!

So today, instead of succumbing to my binge watching habits, I took out one of my favorite notebooks (thanks mom for the cool gift) and made a to-do goal list. I came up with 11 things that I wanted to get done by the end of the year! 11 goals… that’s a lot! Some of them were chore-like “goals” while others were things that I have been putting off because I haven’t felt “ready” to tackle the projects. After writing out all of my goals I felt instantly energized and ready to tackle the rest of the year.

So, why make a goal list when New Years Day is around the corner!? Well, why the heck do you have to wait until January 1 to get stuff done? That’s like saying, “I’ve already eaten like crap this week… I might as well stuff my face and start over on Monday”. In order to be successful and to keep pushing yourself forward, its important to check-in with yourself. Have a little “me party” pep talk and figure out where your priorities have been and where you want them to go. You will be a better wife/husband/gf/bf/entrepreneur/etc. if you adequately take care of your priorities and happiness.

So, if you’ve pushed off your 2015 goal list all year, now is the time to do those things! If you’re new to making goal lists, I’ve outlined some of the points that help me get them on paper and rolled into action.

How to goal set when you're busy
1. Come up with short-term goals!

Your goal list doesn’t have to be all long-term goals. Actually, if you are bad at keeping up with your goals, I would suggest making a short-term goal lists first and then expanding the time frame. Instead of creating “to-do” lists, think of them as goal lists… you might feel even more accomplished!

2. Come up with a variety of goals!
When I write down my ideas and goals I like to put them into the categories that mean the most in my life. For example; health/fitness, relationship, business, home, religion/faith, personal motivation. Once I’ve established the groups it is really easy to fill in some ideas. Here are a few of my goals over the next month and a half.

  1. Health/Fitness
    Remain low sugar/ 40g or less a day
    Set a new PR / 120 pound clean and jerk
  2. Relationship
    Try a new date or restaurant with Nick
  3. Business
    Have e-book completed by Nov. 25
    Have someone guest blog on my site
    Guest blog on someone’s website
    Pitch to morning news
    Prepare winter weight loss challenge program and find prize sponsors
  4. Home
    Clean kitchen every night
  5. Personal
    Finish Xmas shopping by Dec. 12
    Sign up for a writing class

As you can clearly see, some of these are silly and little goals and others are big business goals. I like to have a mix so that I am not bored by the little ones and overwhelmed by the big goals.

3. Schedule, schedule, schedule!
I tell my workout clients this all the time – no one is going to hold you accountable except yourself! While writing down goals is a good first step – it’s just that… a step! In order to fully execute your plans, you need to sit down with a calendar and put those things on your agenda. One of my goals is to have a guest blogger write on my site. In my calendar, I picked one day each week to reach out to other bloggers that I love. I scheduled a time slot for myself, created an excel spreadsheet with an ongoing list of names and emails and put a column notating whether I have emailed that blogger or not. Easy peasy! I often find that when I feel the most overwhelmed or overextended is when I haven’t budgeted my time correctly or decide to randomly take on a project. Time management, organization, and calendar management skills have become my best friend.

4. Share your goals!
I love sharing my goals with my husband, mom and dad, and best friends. Not only does it make that specific goal more real, but it lets your friends/family share intimate parts of your life. As soon as I commit to something and say my plans out loud I know that I am locked in. I know that my friends/family network will support me by asking engaging questions about my goals and that they will not let me fail. Give it a try – you might be surprised how supportive people can really be.

5. Have fun! 
Goals don’t all have to be serious. If you’re not good at all the “serious” stuff… try making a fun goal list or better yet try making one with your partner or best friend. Couples – try setting a “date” goal list. You can break your categories up into nights out, nights in, reoccurring dates, double dates, etc. Friends – try coming up with a friendship goal list! You can make fun categories like volunteer work, Shopping Dates, Church involvement, Friday Night Out, etc.

Okay that’s it! I hope that this has inspired you to take out a pen and paper (yes old school… makes it more real!) and to start brainstorming. You have 8 weeks left… take advantage of 2015!