How My Weight Loss Challenge Group Lost 90 Pounds

Group Weight Loss Challenge Results
Let me start off by saying, holy cow I am SO proud of my entire weight loss challenge group. In total, my 17 participants lost 90 pounds in the month of October. They were challenged to lose between 2.5% – 4% of their current body weight. If they lost the weight, they got their money back… simple as that! I had so many of the participants lose more than they had in months and years and gain some confidence back. Here’s a break down of how the month went:

Weight Loss Results

Earlier this week I mailed out three AWESOME gifts to the three winners of my weight loss challenge group! One gift was given to the person with the best physical transformation, and the two others were for top weight loss among guys and top weight loss among girls.

weight loss challenge prizes

If you didn’t have a chance to join my weight loss – here’s how it worked. I had my participants send me pictures of their current weight on the scale and a follow up picture of their weight loss when the challenge ended. Their goal percentage was based upon their own weight loss goals. Anyone within 10 pounds of their goal weight was asked to lose 2.5% of their current body weight. If they were 10-20 pounds away from their goal weight they were required to lose 3%, and if they were over 20 pounds from their goal weight they had to lose 4% of their body weight.

We set up a group in Facebook where they collaborated all month on workouts, travel tips, nutrition, recipes, etc. There was such positive energy and great advice! I also handed each of them a 100+ page e-book with nutrition and workout advice, recipes, meal ideas, and workouts. I just cannot say it enough – but I am so so proud.

If you want to join in on the challenge, I’m holding another one January 1st. It won’t necessarily be a “weight loss” challenge, but an overall transformation challenge. I understand and acknowledge that sometimes your weight loss doesn’t reflect all of the changes happening externally (and internally, too!). Therefore, if you are looking to lose weight, looking to tone up, or if you’re looking for an AWESOME New Years challenge… this program will be for you!

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Excited to see this group continue to excel in their success and I’m ready for another group to dominate their health!