Good Luck, Girls!

I am SO excited today for 2 reasons; I leave for The Arnold Classic tonight and I am four weeks out from my competition!

Although I am not personally competing this year at The Arnold, 8 people from my team are and I cannot wait to see them take the stage. I know how much work they have put in these last few months and they all look so great! Not to mention, The Arnold is a good time to surround yourself with fellow competitors and to be submerged with all things fitness for three days.

Packing was a little interesting since I am in prep mode. If my bag gets flagged – the TSA will likely find a lot of food, protein, and workout clothes 🙂 I had to measure out and pre-pack all of my food for each day and include a cooler with icepacks (at least I’m saving my money by not ordering out every night).

Well that’s about it! I’m going to recap my trip and follow along to see how our competitors perform on our Facebook Page  and my personal instagram