HOW TO Become a sheet folding ninja

How to fold fitted sheetsWhy are some life skills so hard? Like getting your pans to sparkle? Or dicing your onions without shedding a tear? There’s no way I slept through these life lessons. My number one life skill fail? Folding fitted sheets. Nope – there is NO way that I’m the only one who has had this “dumbbell blonde” moment. In fact, you might think this post isn’t even about health or fitness – but let me tell you my friends – if you’ve ever tried to fold a fitted sheet but it ends up looking like a ratted nest of who knows what – then I am going to help your MENTAL health right now.

Maybe it’s because my mom used to make my bed when I was little – but I have never properly learned how to fold these suckers. Thankfully, my Nana, who is the perfectionist of all perfectionists, sent me an email today about how to fold my sheets properly. After watching this quick video I feel more comfortable approaching my 30th year on this earth. Onward and upward! Sheets you have nothing on this folding ninja!